Circular Waste Management

22nd October 5pm (AEST)

Circularity case study from Bondalem Village, Bali, Indonesia

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UPDATE: we missed some questions today so have provided responses below.

What do you feel the project in Bondalem needs specifically to move in forward?

Bondalem at the moment will need more funding to get this to work longer term as the current sponsor's funding is until the end of the year. What we would like to do is to replicate this to more villages in the area and the setup will take funding

Do you have any specific advice for restaurants?

For restaurants, separate at source and measure. Especially food waste which will be the bulk of the waste going to landfill.

Document from the talk can be accessed here


Hosted by: Piet Van Zyl, Pioneer of Positive Impact Forever

Positive Impact Forever (PiF) is an organisation committed to improve the positive impact and reduce the negative impact an individual, business, hotel or destination has on the environment in which it operates but also on the environment in general. PiF has a holistic, circular economy approach inspired by nature and believe everything we do has an impact on our environment – be it consumption, waste, staff, community, resources or nature. PiF believes that making a positive impact on the environment is first and foremost a personal commitment, then a business and local commitment. These commitments will lead to a global impact.

Piet has a long history of caring for the environment starting when he graduated from an agricultural high school. From there he obtained a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters degree in Construction Project Management. For the last 24 years he has been involved in the hospitality industry, starting as a General Manager for boutiques hotels and later moving back to the technical and sustainability areas of the industry. He has extensive experience in remote location hotels and resorts and has initiated the Zero Waste to Landfill project for Alila Hotels and Resorts in Bali, Indonesia. Positive Impact Forever does sustainability assessments and audits and specialises in Zero Waste programs. Any assessment or project starts by evaluating the “big picture” and then drilling down to the details, always keeping the impact of all actions in mind. In his personal time Piet works hard to practice what he preaches.